I firmly believe that every one of us has at least One Guardian Angel.  And, if the truth were known, we probably have ‘groups’ of them hanging around us constantly.  How else can you explain all the unexpected  protection, or guidance, or love that we feel “from Somewhere’?

One of the many things I studied over the years was just What angels were, and where they were, and what classifications there were, and what they looked like.  I found many surprising things, including that Some angels Do, Indeed, Have Wings!  There are many different ‘levels’ of angels, depending upon their ‘job’.  One of my very Favorite levels is what this Post is about…the “Lower-Phylum Guardian Angel”.   This is dedicated to some of these Guardians that have been a part of my Cousin Mary’s life.  Thank God she had the presence of mind to get pictures of them to share!  The ‘stories’ are by Mary.


“This is Cha Cha:  b.1976, d.1990.  She was our hellion.  She came from a wild litter and she never really lost that wildness.  We gave her that name cause that cat food commercial was so popular at the time… Cha cha cha!! ”

Chillin' for the camera

“Jasper: b.1993 d.1995.   We only had him for about 18 months. He died from surgery complications. The little stinker would eat anything, and I don’t mean just food.  During  his operation the doctor found 32 cents in his stomach.  He was loved even if for that short time.”

"Can I have those pennies on the table? Or a shoe lace? Or Something?"

“Sambo: b. 1974 d,1988.   Our 20lb plus cat!.  We had him before we got Cha Cha.  They bonded right off and when Cha Cha got hurt, Sambo (“Sam”) nursed her back to health.  Cha Cha and Sam we got while living in Hawaii and brought them both back with us to Okla.”

"I used to be a Panther....before I shrank."

“Skipper:  b,1975, d. 1993.  He was our first ever Peke!  He was given to us when he was already at least 10 yrs old.  He had been abused but settled into our home and hearts.  And how he was loved!  He would sleep on top of John’s pillow at nite.  He was definitely John’s dog.”

"I Love John! I Love John! I Love John's pillow!"

“Taz (‘White Tazmanian Devil’)  b. 1994, d. 2010.  He was our charmer.  The name really didn’t fit him at all but that is how we had him registered.  One spoiled dog I can guarantee that.  He never really knew he was a dog. ”

"I am Beyond Cute, and I Love You So Much!"

“Trixie ( ‘Trixie Southern Belle’).  b.1995 d.2010.  She was definitely my dog!.  Girl-to-girl is what it was. She would pick on Taz continuously…and Taz just ignored her big time! ”

"Pardon me, Sugar...did you want to capture of photo of little, ole me?"

Finally we have  Angel.  This sweetheart  belonged to my Mom until she passed, then went to live with Mary whom she adored and who  loved her back just as fiercely!

"This is my 'Forever Home'."

“Each one of these special pets gave John and I love and compassion, and total devotion.  God gives us His animals to take care of and love…and we wouldn’t have missed any of it!”


I am willing to bet you have had a few “Lower Phylum Angels” in your life, too….and you just didn’t suspect  it!