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"I'll bet I can get in there..."

You are SO not going to try that, are you?  Seriously?

"Uh, Hey? A little help here?"


Well, would you look at us!  We made it through another blizzard.  Snow is knee-deep at it’s shallowest, and shoulder-deep when you least expect it.  And it is everywhere, covering everything from out West to back East.  It is  bone-biting cold, yet  beautiful at the same time.  But the hardest part for me after the unending howling and blowing of the storm  is the Quiet.  It is one of the loudest ‘quiets’ you will ever hear.  And in the midst of all this whiteness nothing seems to move.  There is no traffic, or people, or noises of any kind.  Just cold, and silence.

Lonely, and So Cold

Then, after a few days inside to recover and hide from the chill, all of a sudden a little sunshine…and a much appreciated visit from our ‘friends’ who have weathered this storm with us.  They were hiding all this time!  And, they are back  just when we need them!

Red on White....Perfect

Movement, and happiness….just what was called for!  We can do this!  Together, we Can Do This!

I am Here for you

Was there ever any doubt?

(Thank you, my Dear Cousin Mary, for the pictures….they have captured the essence of our ordeal, and of our survival.)


Just a quick observation, tonight.  There is a case in the local courts these past few days involving a man who shot and killed 2 men, and then chose to claim the “Insanity Defense.” So, my question is, isn’t Everyone who takes another life in some sort of state of Insanity at the time of the offense?  If they truly understood Why They Are Here in the first place they wouldn’t go off the deep end and kill someone.  They would have a natural reverence for life, don’t you think?  Seems to me the “insanity” comes from a loss of Connection to their Creator.

My Big Question:  Who am I?

Ever ask yourself that question?  Do you think you know the answer?  If so, who chose who you are?  If it was YOU, did you ever try changing your mind?  If you did try, what were the results?  Were you happy with them, or frustrated because your attempts just didn’t seem to ever really work for you?  If you were shown what was really going on, and how to harness it to your own life, would you be brave enough to try?  Would you be willing to do the work?  Would it help if you had someone else willing to go on this adventure with you?

Ya Think?

Occasionally when I am talking to someone about how hard life can be I may feel ‘lead’ to offer one of my own tales so that they know someone else has survived in trying circumstances…and they will, also.  It is supposed to be like a verbal arm around their  shoulders.  However this sometimes backfires on me!  Instead of feeling shored up by my attempts, and encouraged, they end up amazed and feeling sorry for ME.  The next question is “How can you stand it?!”  Not exactly the reaction I had been going for! So, even though some  people don’t think or believe like I do, I tell them to just ‘go with’ what I am about to tell them and enjoy the trip.

In my last life, see, I was a Princess.  It was a very boring trip, what with the fancy clothes, lame parties, expensive stuff on every shelf and table.  There was so much it was TOO much.  Then, to top it off that humongus pile of mattresses and the pea and the bruises and just a lot of annoying stuff  and a very early death.  Then, when I found out I had to make yet another trip here I said to our Father:  “Father, if  I really must go back, please make it more interesting than this trip!”

Our Father said:  “Oh, Child…be careful what you ask for.”

So, here I am.  And believe me, it has been” interesting”… to say the least!  I got what I asked for, and THEN some!

That story, besides making people laugh, plants seeds of “possibility” in their minds…it Could be true…we Might be making trips to this realm more than one time…   And, the reason I am telling it to you now is that I need anyone reading this to think:  “It COULD be true….”  So, what “could be true”  now?  That you can actually Change the Past!  Allow the slightest  Chance that I may be onto something, and just enjoy the trip!