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Haven’t been here for a while.  So many things happening in my world.  But watching our country battle for control over who’s running things brought me back.  We All need to Stop the Bickering, Relax, Take a Deep and Cleansing Breath, and Remember What This “Trip” is Really All About. Found the following “list”, and Knew I needed to share.  I wish I knew who compiled the contents so I could give credit where credit is due.  It will, however, resonate with anyone my age who has “Been There, Done That”….and paid attention to the lessons offered.  Enjoy!

Love Is…….

Love is scaring away monsters in the middle of the night, then again at 1:00 am, 2:00 am, 3:00 am
Love is putting peanut butter on anything as long as they’ll eat it!
Love is knowing how to disguise vegetables 30 different ways
Love is reading the same bedtime story for the 999th time.
Love is a hug around the knees.
Love is watching “Mr. Rogers” instead of All My Children.
Love is cutting off the crusts. (Bread is yukky with the crusts left on)
Love is a refrigerator covered with creative works of art.
Love is standing in line for 2 hours for “Disney on Ice” tickets.
Love is not grimacing through the dirtiest of diapers.
Love is trading in the Camero for a station wagon.
Love is the magic kiss that heals all “ouchies.”
Love is a cuddly kid in a blanket sleeper.
Love is the first kick, first smile, first laugh, first step, first anything.
Love is your child pointing to a picture of Christie Brinkley and saying “mama.”
Love is your child sound asleep, any child sound asleep.
Love is a macaroni macklace.
Love is wearing the macaroni mecklace to church with pride.
Love is a peanut butter kiss,  a syrup kiss, a chocolate kiss, any kind of kiss.
Love is when Bert and Ernie replace Robert Redford and Tom Selleck as your most admired men.
Love is not worrying about those few extra pounds cuz they make you more cuddly.
Love is knowing how to get out amoxicillin stains.
Love is a bouquet of dandelions.
Love is the smell of a baby’s neck.
Love is saying “no” at the right times when it’s easier to say “yes”.
Love is saying “yes” at the right times when it’s easier to say “no”.
Oops, I hear someone calling.  I’m off to chase monsters out from under the crib!  By the way, LOVE IS WHAT MAKES IT ALL WORTHWHILE!
No matter how old you are….You are still #1 when a baby-sitter is needed!

Sounds like a mom wrote this, yes?  That is what I thought also.   When you can relate to this list you can be assured that you “Learned the Lesson”:  Children come to us Not just so We can Teach Them….it is so We  Can LEARN from them.  In this case….Unconditional Love.




Even though it has been only a few short weeks, I have grown to love the Robin clan.  The parents seem to be very “Pro-Family”….a Character Trait that a lot of us  two-legged critters appear to be lacking lately.  We  could use more of that Now than ever before.  Even though Robin Hood is brave, and teetering on the edge of a glorious new life, I get the feeling his siblings will be close on his trail-blazing butt!

Mary:  A couple hours ago took a look and only saw 3 babies. They are all grown up and leaving home this week. What a sad grandma! Will keep you up on the count as this week progresses.


Mary:  Well they all did what big brother did… about 8 this morning there were still 3 babies in nest. An hour later all gone    11:06 AM
Me: Can’t you just ‘hear’ the typical “Mother Response” to that:  “So, just because your big brother does it that makes it all right for you to do it too???!!”

Me:  And, they kind of scoot right out of photo-taking range very quickly, don’t they?

Mary:  They have all flown the coop! Did get a pic on one chick hopping around the yard. Will send it later.

Mary:  This is Peep-a-Boo, the last to leave home.  he/she just sat there and posed for me.       11:09 AM

So Tiny, and So Ready to Take on Life photo by Mary

Me:  Wow!  Blends in well with her surroundings, huh?  It looks like she is looking up at you!

Me:  Omg…I am SO smiling! She just sat there and said “Good bye”, didn’t she? No fear, just “Laters, Gramma.”

Mary: …or:  “I am a big girl now.”   I saw Robin Momma nearby, but she was not worried in the least about me taking pictures.  Like:  “I know you wanted a photo or two, so you Go, Girl.”   11:17 AM

Almost ready to leave... photo by Mary

Me:  I see Peep a Boo…on the handle of the hose reel!  Beautiful!

Mary:  And then there is the ever-patient Angel…getting one last look at What She Can Never Have!

"If I could only get outside for a second..."

Me:  lol….can almost feel her tension!

Mary:  This has been so much fun!    11:18 AM
Mary:  I have the  ivy already trimmed some what and will see if parents come to raise any more.  For now, I have This to look at:

SO empty....and sad... Photo by John

Me:    Oh, oh….getting a little teary eyed…    11:18 AM.
Mary:  I am sorry hon!  I have had a few more years with that than you have, but it is still teary for me when my kids visit and leave again.  That never goes away. We just adjust.    11:23 AM
Mary:  AND, as I have gotten older I want them back again… or at least closer to us.  Full circle!  11:24 AM
Me:  I’ve just decided to get an actual Print of that nest and frame it and hang it where I can see it at all times, as a reminder that All Life is basically running on the same path!
Mary:  God is Good.. all things come back around hon.    11:25 AM
Mary:  I’ve seen families re-united after years and years of separation.    11:26 AM
Me:  omg…We are writing my last post about what the Robin Family Saga was preparing me for….
btw…you and John have just played a major role in one of my more difficult learning experiences. ..Letting Go…THANK YOU!
Mary: Very good!  Omg… again our “Father” has provided…    11:27 AM

Mary:  Maybe you need a little Happiness….

A little bit of Heaven... photo by Mary

Me:  Ah, that worked.  Thank you!
Me:  Mary, I feel as if I am leaving something huge behind …but it is ok…    11:32 AM

Mary:  Each and every day another miracle or Blessing is going on in our lives    11:32 AM

Me:  Well, that was not only a very pleasant Miracle, but a fun one!  Mary, and John, thank you for making me a part of all this!  xoxox

Had an interesting conversation about 2 weeks or so ago.  When all was said and done, I got one of the biggest surprises of my life.  What I thought was “Me teaching some one else.” turned out to be a major lesson for me….of course.

Seems one of my relatives was driving in unfamiliar territory and ran a red light.  Just as he entered the intersection he saw it:  another car.  He slammed on the brakes, and pulled as far to the right as he could in an attempt to avoid a collision.  Not hard enough, and not far enough to the right.  He hit the other vehicle in the passenger rear door.

He got out, check the other driver, and the police were called.  He got a ticket.  The two drivers exchanged insurance information, then went on their way.  He thought that would be the end of his involvement in the whole sorry affair.  Then, he called me.

After I listened to the story, I asked him what the next step was.  He said that since the other driver  (a senior citizen) did not have full coverage, and he had gotten a ticket for his carelessness, he would have to pay her $500.00. ” That is all that the law requires.  If the other driver had had full coverage, she would have gotten her car fixed.  Now, she is stuck with a damaged vehicle.  She should have known better.”  The $500.00 would be no where near enough to get it fixed.

I sat and listened, totally stunned.  This poor woman was not at fault in any way, and this relative of mine was sounding like he was just going to blow the whole thing off! He was counting himself lucky to have to be stuck with just $500.00.  And the excuses he was coming up with to make himself feel better were amazing:   “She should have tried harder to avoid me!”  “The intersection is a bad one…hard to see around the corner if other cars are there.”  “She should have had full coverage.”  “She had two grown kids in the car with her…they should be able to repair the damage.”  Strangely, as he went on and on defending himself  he became angrier and angrier.

That last shot about the kids, however, did it for me….my mouth opened, my patience went on temporary leave, and I laid into him.  I really didn’t care how angry or self righteous he had become.  I was ready for him.  “I raised 3 sons by myself.  What They know about repairing cars they learned from me.  How damned much do you think they know, and how damned much do YOU Think they SHOULD know?!”  “I understand your ‘legal obligations’, but what about your Moral Obligations?  What are you going to do to make things right with this woman?  Why should she pay for your carelessness?”

We went back and forth for a little while, then I told him to make up his own mind.  He should do whatever he needed to do to allow him to sleep at night. We hung up.  I was disappointed in him.  And I was also, for some reason, disappointed in myself.  I let it stew in my brain and in my soul, then I knew:  “Who appointed Me in charge of anyone else’s Morals?   We each have our own ideas and values according to where we are in our progression, and no one can know this but us.”

I called this relative the next afternoon and apologized.  I told him to make up his own mind about what he thought he should do, and I would keep my mouth shut.  That is when he told me …  he had called the woman.  He offered to fix her car for her instead of giving her a check that would not fix things.  Wow!

For the past week this relative has driven across the state and purchased a door for the woman’s car.  He took the door to her to show her so she would know he meant business…and had a lovely conversation with a very grateful woman.  He has arranged to have it put on….after paying to have it painted so it would match her car.  And I am so happy he is doing this!

We talked about all this today, and I told him how impressed I was with his kindness.  He said it was all because he took the time to think about everything and decided to follow his Higher Self!  Again:  Wow!  This guy will definitely sleep well for a long time!


On top of everything else, today is one of those days when I have really been missing my Mom.  I could feel her Spirit around me all day. And after talking to my sister I realized  Mom had been making her rounds to all of us!  I would be willing to bet she has been watching everything and everyone.  And I am sure she is making her presence known because she is very proud of everything she has seen lately.  I can almost hear her whispering encouragement to us. And I can hear her pulling for us to make good decisions and to learn our lessons well.  So, to my Mom I say:   “We Are listening,  Mom!  We Are listening.”

I am about to ‘age’ myself…but I don’t mind.  Getting older is very interesting, not to mention entertaining!

As my kids grew up, one of the things that I did that “totally drove them nuts” was simply that I Smiled when they ‘discovered something new.’   They did Not remember the excitement I shared with them, or the total interest in their ‘new’ whatever…just the Smile.  No, it was Not a Smirk.  No, I did Not Laugh at them.  It is just that over time I came to see that ‘there really is nothing new under the sun’, and the recognition of that is what brought on “The Smile.”

As these same kids grew into their 20’s, and knew “Everything There Is To Know About Everything  Already”, The Smile was the result of my knowing that trying to teach them anything else, or warn them of their paths’ dangers, or just holding a different opinion than theirs was a totally fruitless effort on my part!  So, realizing that Patience was my only job at that point, the anticipated Peace, alone, was enough to bring on The Smile.

The last time one of my kids got outrageously angry at me, and ‘accused’ me of Smiling (?) was when he was leaving the State we were in and wanted to ‘come say good bye’ to my grandson.  I told him he could come at 3pm, when I would be home from work.  He argued that point.  Since I knew this son to be a mean, abusive, potentially dangerous thief, and that he would probably be all over my house looking for money or prescription drugs if I was not there to stop him, I again told him I would be home by 3pm.  He lost it, and went on a rant from Hell, and when I just listened (what else could I do?) he suddenly stopped and said: “You have That Smile on your face, don’t you!?”  I did….even though the tears were running down my cheeks.

My grandson grew up with me, and he knows The Smile, also…but he is not intimidated by it at all!  In fact, I think he thinks it is funny…most of the time.  If it is ‘one of those times’ that he does not think it is humorous, it makes him pause, think, and realize that we are either ‘done with the conversation for the time being’,  or a New Way or New Idea starts to open up in his mind.  Then, when I Smile, it is because I can almost hear his brain popping!  I think I May be slightly addicted to The Look when someone’s face ‘lights up’ because they suddenly ‘get it.”

I still have The Smile…like the time my child told me how hard it is to raise 2 little babies, then said: “Oh, ya, you have ‘been there.'”  Yes, I have, and I do sympathize with you, Son!  Or when I see someone doing what I already know is not going to turn out well for them, and they get upset if I try to warn them.  Step Back, Allie…all you can do is be patient, and try not to let them see The Smile.  It is not that watching a potential disaster makes me giddy.  It is the watching as the Learning Experience unfolds that brings on The Smile…a smile of recognition, and of remembering when I learned the very same thing!

I have that Smile a lot, lately.  Long, long before Carbon Footprint was a catch-phrase I was one of those ‘irritatingly odd folks” who tried to warn people of the future problems being put in place by the way we were treating each other and our beautiful planet.

For instance,  I did not believe ‘them’ when ‘they’ said “Those diapers are completely disposable.”  Ya…but not safely biodegradable.  A few years later…Oh, my, those diapers are leaching estrogen into our ground water, and messing with our son’s bodies!  Hmmm…

Or: “Of course she is lost in her own sad, self-destructive world.  You cannot treat her like a sexual slave…she is your Daughter, for God’s sake!”

Or:  “If you strike that child, it is assault!  Just as if someone struck you. What will he grow up knowing about controlling his own world…that violence is the key?!”

The list goes on, and on.  If you see me Smiling maybe it is from the relief that the Messages are Finally Getting Through…we Have made some difference in our world.  Progress is a slow critter sometimes…but we ARE progressing.  There have been some major changes, and hopefully we can continue to grow and learn and improve.  I have done my job…you are more than welcome to take over all the causes, and all the future problems that will need strong voices.  And I will be cheering you on…and Smiling.

According to the Talmud, “If you save one life, you save the world.” What an interesting thought.  Just let it sink in for a bit, and watch as the ‘picture’ keeps expanding.  Of course that must be true!  The life saved goes on to impact his/her own personal surroundings, but that impact continues like the ripples of water from a pebble tossed into it.  With enough contemplation you can ‘see’ those waves eventually touching everyone in the entire world  in some way or another.

Now, let me ask you:  “Have you ever saved anyone’s life?”  It is easy to see how health care professionals could make that claim.  Or fire fighters.  Or soldiers.  Or life guards. Or any number of folks in the business of saving lives.  But if you are the average person, have you ever been given the opportunity to save a life?

Personally, I can think of a lot of times I could make that claim…but then I am a Rescuer.  I never thought about what impact I was making.  I just did what was called for.  Now I am thinking about it a lot differently since I heard the Save A Life statement.  Some of the events I recalled are “no doubt saved that life” instances.  But then I let the Thought grow and I realized that there are many times I may have saved a life…and never knew it!  And So Have You!

How can that be, you ask?  How about the time you flashed a smile at someone, and caught their eyes lighting up as they smiled back at you?  Did you just change someone’s plans for ending their life?  All they needed was to have someone ‘reach out to them’ with a smile.  Or did you Listen when someone just needed to talk?   Or you simply made it a point to love the world?  Did that energy change someone’s life?  Did you treat that cashier kindly?  Did you allow someone to go in line before you?  Did you reach up for something high for someone in a scooter?

Any one of these kindnesses may have been all someone needed to feel like they could make it at least one more day.  So again, have you ever saved anyone’s life?  I would be willing to bet you have.  And, since we are all connected,  if one of us is saved, wouldn’t the whole world feel it?  If you are saving one person, connected to all others, aren’t you saving all others? Aren’t you saving the world?

When I got myself moving this morning I realized that I was feeling a bit ‘lonely.’ It took a few minutes to identify where this came from.  Since my kids are all grown and long gone living their own lives, I should be used to being alone, right?  I like my own company well enough.  So what was going on?

Then the answer crept in…I was feeling “lonely”, which is a far cry from feeling “alone.”  Alone I can not only handle, I relish every part of it.  I gives me time to practice Creating my World.  It gives me time to re-establish my Real Self.  I can read books.  I can write in my blog.  I can do whatever I like.  So why am I feeling “lonely.?”

I miss my kids, who are living all over the country, but we do keep in contact.  Not that.  I have friends.  Not that.  I get out of the house every day and interact with people.  Not that.  So it had to be deeper…much deeper.  Then, it hit me…I was lonely for my Old Self, and all the “entities” I had relied upon to run my world for me!

Oh, oh…do these entities fit in with my new life, and what I am trying to accomplish?  Do they actually exist?  Do they really help me when I am desperate, like I have thought they did all my life?  Are there really Angels?  Do we really have a Mother in Heaven?  Do I really have a Spirit Guide?  If the ‘messages’ I “heard” when I so needed them, that I had attributed to my ‘assistants’ on the other side of the veil, really came from my Higher/Real Self, then I don’t like the implications.  That would mean that I am totally Alone, and On My Own…and for me that is truly a very Lonely Feeling.

I have always had a bad feeling about being lonely.  Don’t like that at all.  So, I had to put this whole thing back together.  Alone vs Lonely.  Where are my “Friends?”  Just washed a growing pile of dishes…it helps me to release my mind to hear what I need to hear.  And I did.  Thank God!

Yes, we Do have a Mother and Father in Heaven.  What they look like is hidden from us while we are here for good reasons, but they Do exist.  And, there are entities called Angels.  And we do have help.  And our Friends on the other side of the veil can interfere when invited.

But we are here to learn to be our Real Selves.  We are Creators.  We are more powerful that the average person knows.  We can do anything.  And we must learn that.  But, we are Not Alone…ever.  We are totally connected with everyone here in this realm, and all the other realms and worlds in the Universe.  And their guidance and encouragement and love is there for us always.  But they never have “run my world for me.”  I did.  Not always well, but I am learning.

So, ‘life hit.’

Yesterday I had to go to the grocery store, despite the fact that it was spitting snow/rain, and we had one heck of a cold wind coming down from the North.  My grandson did his shopping (I am his temporary transportation), and I did mine.  When I got back to the car I “heard” check your tires.  THIS time I was listening!  Sure enough, I had a flat.

My former reaction would have been “Oh, crap!  Now what!?”  Or, “Why me?  What did I do wrong this time?”  But I feel different since I began my Create Your Day routine.  I simply opened the trunk and started removing the junk hiding my spare.  When my grandson came out he went right to work, and even though he got thoroughly wet in the slush puddles he persisted.  He did a good job getting past most of the rusty lugs.

Then out of no where a truck pulled up.  A man got out, opened the back of his vehicle, pulled out a jack handle and walked up to us.  With a very cheerful smile he went to work helping my grandson.  He said he had seen what was going on, and just decided he wanted to help!   He was very pleasant, and seemed happy to be of assistance.  When we were finished, I shook his hand and thanked him.  His reaction:  “Pay it forward, ok?”

Holy cow!  I do this kind of thing all the time, and now I was finding myself  Allowing it in my own life!  And best of all, I am so glad to know that there are more people ‘out there’ who feel the same way about Paying it Forward.

I was thinking about this tonight and I realized it was an almost perfect example of how my life has been more peaceful, even in nasty weather, these past few days.  This was the kind of day I had pictured in the morning as I was Creating my Day. Not the flat tire…the surprise help and happy conversation with a complete stranger!  I will Pay this Forward with love and gratitude and happiness.

Me…My “Self”

In my last blog entry I wrote about how good it felt to have my Self back.  That Self is NOT the one who’s been at the helm of my ship for the past 40+ years.  The last time I was that self, my Real Self, was back in 1974.  It was a great few weeks!  I look at that short span of time as ‘a taste of things to come.’

During that period I felt strong, intelligent, and quite capable.  I was a single parent of 2 children, and happy.  And, my “intuition” seemed to be working overtime.  Then life hit me right between the eyes, and I reverted back to the person that was ‘familiar’ to me.  It was the one who didn’t trust intuition, or prayer for that matter.  I was on my own, and not very happy.  It was the Happy person who felt like the Universe was on her side, and that person is the Self that I have missed for these past many years.

If I had known 40 years ago what I know now, my life probably would have not been anything like it has been.  I wouldn’t change anything that has happened…I learned so much.  But I am glad that I am on a different path, now.  And I am doing so because of the education I have received from people, books, experiences, and that ‘thing’ I called intuition.  That ‘thing’, I have come to know, is my Real Self communicating with me.  In fact, I now realize that everything amazing and wonderful that has happened in my life has been orchestrated by my Higher Self…my Real Self.  And that Self is Me.

This is the Self I finally felt again after a couple of days of the morning Routine I wrote about.  Getting that Self back into focus is quite a job at times.  However, as I “keep on keeping on”  it gets easier.  And that Self is finally becoming familiar, again.  And THIS time that Real Self will NOT be abandoned by me when ‘life hits..”.

My Bad

When I first began trying to Create My Day and allow my Real Self to run my life, I was expecting physical, emotional, and spiritual changes.  I was, in fact, looking forward to them!  They would serve as my indicator that I was making some progress.  My old self and old way of living definitely needed to go.  I was ready for anything that came my way, or so I thought.

In preparing myself to apply what I had learned about being my own Creator, one of the many things  I did was a whole lot of reading.  One person that I read about who has already taken this ‘journey’ sticks in my mind.  I don’t remember her name, but I do remember her description of what happened to her as she began to Create her Day.  She said that she was very disoriented, and struggled to maintain control of herself.  She said it scared her!  I couldn’t imagine why.

Well, I learned.  The first couple of days were mildly disconcerting.  I did not totally accomplish a complete ‘turn over’.  My ego slipped in and I allowed it to run the show like it was used to doing.  It was ‘familiar territory.’  I was determined to keep trying, however, and yesterday I learned what the aforementioned writer meant!  I was off-kilter, to say the least.  I was uncomfortable, unhappy, short-tempered with my world…a real pleasure to NOT be around.  And then I got thoroughly depressed!  Nice.  The unhappy camper sent herself to bed early after crabbing to one person too many.

Then, when I woke up today I did my routine, again.  THIS time, when I put my feet on the floor I had the strangest sensation….I REMEMBERED WHO I USED TO BE.  I was back!  I have been ‘gone’ for about 40 years, and having Me back reminded me of how much I missed that person.

All day long I have been enjoying the trip.  I see things differently.  Food tastes better.  My cats are even more fun!  Best of all, when the crappy troubling events of the day before started re-entering my reality for another shot at me, I very quickly and quite successfully dealt with them.  Then, the rest of today was completely devoid of any more of the previous day’s grief.  I dispatched calls, bills, and chores with no problem.  I can’t say today made yesterday’s internal struggle worth it, but that slice of hell certainly was an excellent “learning experience.”

The reason I am up at 3:00am writing this is because I realized I had forgotten to warn anyone trying to learn to Create Their Day that there can be some hard parts during the adjustment.  I didn’t include that possibility in my last 3 blog entries because I have never experienced this before, so I had no idea what it was or what it felt like.  If you remember, I said I was just starting on this path myself, so a lot is new to me, also.  I will share whatever experiences I have as soon as possible, from now on.

I hope this warning is in time to prepare anyone else who finds themselves going through this troubling phase.  Just persevere, and it does get better, I promise.  My apologies for not being quicker.  My Bad.

Step 2

That description you wrote about the You you want to Create…did you find it a fairly decent working model?  Did you remember to include Health, Wealth, and Happiness?  Peace, Power, and Prosperity?  Any special parts like getting rid of an addiction, or attaining a healthy body?  Are you ready to Dive In, and begin Creating Your Life?

Get a picture in your mind of You being totally blessed to have all the parts of your New You ready and waiting for you to claim them. This is the part that most people find hard to believe…but they are, indeed, waiting just for you!  Think about this You when you go to bed.  When you wake up in the morning, before you even get out of bed, bring that You to your mind.  Feel the Role. This is You.  Then, Create Your Day.  Tell God, the Universe, the Powers that be, how you want your day to play out.  YOU are running your ship, now.  Have it your way!

This New You is actually who you Really Are.  It has probably just gotten buried by life and “stuff.”  Keep this picture of who you Really are in your mind as you go about your day.  Expect to receive the Rewards, and experience the  different events, that more closely match this New (Real) You.  Then, tonight, repeat the routine.  And, in the morning, before you get up, put on this New (Real) You, State how you want your day to go, then keep this in mind as you go about your business.  Next night, and next morning…same thing.

All of  your efforts  are actually changing your Brain.  In a very few days  you will be Feeling these changes in your Body and Soul.  You are Creating Your World, and your New(Real) You.  Every moment that you practice brings you closer to your Goal.  And it can happen extremely quickly….if you so Choose.  You are the Creator.