Mary:  I’m worried.  There seems to be too much ‘bird’ for the size of the nest!

Me:  Wow!  They’ve gotten that big so soon?

Mary:  I really hope these pics show the true situation. those babies are sooooooooooooo crammed into that nest they have no room to move.  out of survival they will have to leave soon. lol lol lol

Mary:  The first pic shows where the nest is in the ivy….

Beautiful location, Robin Mom and Dad photo by John

Mary:  It is kinda hard to see it is so deep in the vine.  You can see the kitchen window Angel (cat) sits in and watches….till someone catches her on the counter!

Mary:  In this next picture is very easy to see the nest absolutely full to brim with kids!

Perfect view....a full nest! photo by John

Me:  Looks like they are oozing out!

Mary:  AND, when it gets This full… “Robin Hood” says:  “I’m SO outta here!”

"Wait a minute....if I leave, no free eats!" photo by John

Mary:  Boy oh boy!  Robin Hood is liable to leave home anytime now.  glad we had the opportunity to get this pic.   enjoy!

Me:  Well, let me take a look while I still have a chance….  Beautiful!  How sad…another child ‘flies the coop.’

Mary:  Soon but not yet!  lol lol  still a head count of 4

Yes, but for how long…..?