Mary:  I just took my first peek today at our babies.  omg they are getting huge!   I got right up close and was able to look eye to eye with three of them.  Our little Peep a Boo sleeps alot but that one is the youngest.  lol

This whole story is unfolding ‘way too fast!  Next thing I will hear from Mary  is that the babies’  feathers are in, and they are teetering on the edge of the nest contemplating “The Dive.”   I really hope John catches a lot of really good photos when they are fuzzy, and speckled, and ready to leave home.

Mary:  Ready for another picture?  How about this:

Growing, and very hungry! photo by John

Me:  Adorable!   I can see some speckles, Mary!  Tell John Thank You, and to keep that camera focused!