Went back and counted:  This is the 14th Post about the Robin Family.  Wow!  Got kinda caught up in all of this.  And, again I’ve Been waiting for any word about the baby robins.  I am expecting some pictures very soon.  John has done a great job of catching rare photos of the most-of-the-time-hidden chicks.  So, if there is any activity not totally guarded by both the Robin parents he will undoubtedly be witness to it, and capture some excellent pictures.  Meantime, I wait.  Then, a message from Mary…

Mary:   I caught Angel {Mary’s cat} looking out the kitchen window this afternoon…she was down and running before I thought about my camera!  lol

Oh, oh….Angel must be watching for signs of activity just as much as John and Mary are.  I can almost hear her excited ‘chatter’  (Human translation:  Let me at ’em! Let me at ’em!)

Next message from Mary:  What do you think about names for these kids?  Any more suggestions?

Mary and I have spent many nights laughing and passing names back and forth.  The pictures these names conjured were priceless.  We came up with a whole lot of really cute ideas, but they were lacking one thing:  The individual personality that matched it.  We had enough choices,  but getting to ‘know’ the new family members and matching one of the names to the chick that ‘earned’ it would have to be left in Mary and John’s hands.

Being so new, most of the babies were keeping low in the nest……all except for the one that John snapped a photo of and sent to this blog.

Me:  So, Mary, has This chick earned one of the names, yet?

Mary:  He looks like a “Robin Hood” to me…The Hero (the first to assert himself), and very Brave.

Me:  Sounds like you have a match!

Mary:  And then there’s the little chick I can barely see looking over the edge of the nest….I think her name is Tweety Pie!  She is all Sweetness and charm…but definitely looking for her mouthful.

Me:  I am so glad this part of the “Saga” is in YOUR lap, Mary!

Mary:  John will be getting pictures, and it will be easier to see why I think these names are so fitting!  Oh, yes…then there is Chicken Little, totally trying to hide like maybe the “Sky Really IS Falling!”

Me:  You are doing fine, Mary!  Just let me know when  you see the fourth chick….and if you think it has earned one of the names on the list, go for it!

Mary:  Will do!  Pictures as soon as possible.
Mary:  update: 10:55am May 19th, took a head count and there really Are 4 babies… picture to follow.

Four sleepy robin babies photo by John

Me:  Oooooooooo, they are so precious! Love it! John take this one?    9:23 PM

Mary:  yup. mainly cause he can do it without using the flash.     9:24 PM

Me:  Oh, yes…definitely.  Nothing to perturb parents…..    9:24 PM

Mary:  Those babes are really laid back. never hear a sound out of them. Momma robin a good momma. 9:24 PM
Me: Omg…..Mary,  I just realized what this last baby’s name should be!  How about Peep-a-Boo….as in: ‘Surprise, Here I Am!’

Mary:  Love it!        Happy Birthday!  our kids are 1 week old today.

And, they have their names:  Robin Hood, Chicken Little, Tweety Pie, and Peep-a-Boo!  Any takers on which one will be climbing out of the nest first?  Well, we shall see….