It’s been very quiet for a couple of days.  No news from Mary about the babies, but I can be patient when circumstances call for it.  Mary and John are trying to respect Robin Momma’s privacy.  They do, however, watch from a distance…waiting for that magic moment when a spectacular photo is their’s for the taking.  Then, a message from Mary:

Mary:  hey,
just got in  from a fun day running around .  i took a peek at our babies while mom/dad were off someplace(making more babies?) lol and kids were sound asleep, beaks wide open waiting for food. they are soooooooooooo much fun to watch.  hope to get a good pic in next few days.

Great message….all seems to be well with the Robin Clan.

Then, a little while later this message from Mary:

Mary:  here is a cutie!   love this one.  stay tuned! John said he will probably give it a few days now before taking anymore pics.

Ready, and Waiting photo by John

Mary, my Sweet Cousin, this is too wonderful for words!  Does John have any idea how Good he is at capturing the perfect picture?  Probably not.  I just hope he keeps this up….especially when they begin to feather-out and hop around the edge of the nest.  What fun this all is!

So, will the baby in the picture be the biggest, strongest, or just the Loudest?   And, will Mary name this one, and it’s brothers and sisters…..?

As Mary said:  Stay Tuned….I will so let you know!  lol