Mary and I have had so much fun with the unfolding of the events in The Robin Family Saga that I completely forgot to Update everyone on the Rabbit Babies that came to visit in April. They were so darned cute, and a nice surprise to get me started into the Spring Season.  As I mentioned in my earlier post, with a little help from some apple pieces these critters became outstanding models!

At first there were three, and they stopped by quite regularly…

Apples make an excellent lure for picture-taking opportunities. photo by Nicole

One of them was so young that he still had “bed hair’….his fur hadn’t completely come in  and settled down into what  would eventually be a soft, lovely brown coat.

A little while later there were just 2 that I would see quite regularly.  We have owls, hawks, even eagles that are always flying overhead hunting, so I had been prepared to lose at least one.  And, if the birds of prey didn’t get them it is very possible that a stray cat would.

In another 10 days or so I noticed that only one was still coming around looking for something to eat.  He is very small, and cute with his little white tail and a flash of white on his forehead.  He sits very close to where people come and go all the time, and doesn’t dash away unless you spend too much time watching him!

When I told Mary about all this, she asked THE QUESTION:  Are you taking pictures?

Oh, oh….same thing I asked her when she noticed the Robin Family taking up residence on her back porch!  Well, she is right….an update would be nice.  So, I put out some treats…..

And, we have a Taker! photo by Allie

One little “Lone Ranger” showed up, so I caught a few quick photos.  My goodness….he has almost grown into his ears!

Oh, oh....People coming.... photo by Allie

They do get skittish if there is too much activity.  It gives new meaning to “High Tailing” it into the brush…

Be Very quiet... photo by Jeff

Enough apple, and enough ‘company’ and this one heads to the safety of the drainage pipes at the side of the building…

"Get out of the window or I will SO disappear!" photo by Allie

This fellow (?) usually comes around in the early morning, or at dusk. I have my camera ready, now..

Wish me luck, and I will share whatever photos I get as soon as I have them.  This rabbit is almost grown.  I hope he/she likes it here so much that he/she will bring more ‘children’ to visit.  Maybe there will be another batch before very long.  I would Love that!