And, just when you felt it was safe to go make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich….

Mary:   John  got a pic of one parent feeding chicks so stay tuned for further pics sometime.  11am

Mary:  Here is the first of a few new pics.  have a blast.  xoxoxoo    John does a good job.  you can see   one  baby is grabbing the food. lol lol  cant wait to see them on the blog.  love it!

Hey! Hey! Where's the food already? photo by John

Such a wonderful parent! photo by John

"Ooooooooooooooo, Hi, Dad....." photo by John

Seems John has been very busy…..

So.o.o, lunch is over and time for a very short break? photo by John

This is either a well-earned ‘break’, or someone is giving everyone ‘the Look.”  You are on your own, Momma….we are here to take photos, write about it,  and generally cheer your on, Only!

I know this whole ‘show’ is going to go ‘faster than the blink of an eye’, now….so I can almost feel more photos coming….

And, for the readers who Thought they would have to wait…..SURPRISE!

And, there are more on the way….