Is this what Robin Momma's children will look like? photo S. Bryan

Mary:  isn’t that just the cutest?

Me:  Beyond sweet, Cuz!

Mary:  this is really sooooooooooooo much fun. what we are really looking forward to is when all those chicks are big enough to be stretching their necks our of nest and yelling “feed me” “feed me” lol
going to get a good pic then    5:05 PM

Mary:  love to know how many folks may be following the story    5:07 PM

Me:  I don’t know for sure how many are visiting for the updates on the robins, and how many are just surfing.  I DO know some people who are anticipating cute little baby birds as much as we are.   I think we just need a little relief from all the bad and depressing stuff in the news, so…..

Mary:  hey we need to put names to these kids!    5:26 PM
eeny, meeny minny moe.take your pick. lol lol later coz    5:30 PM

Me:  Maybe I should ask our readers to volunteer some names?   It would be something to do while they are waiting.

This is such a hoot!!  ( Oops, wrong bird!)

Ok, folks, feel free to leave any suggestions…..we could use your help!