It is raining, and I was just thinking  “I could use something uplifting….”, so I opened my e-mail, and voila:

Mary:  here ya go.  yeah. cant tell if 4th egg has hatched.  may have or chicks are laying on it.  will probably wait now for anymore pics until their little heads are popped up and yelling to be fed!  lol lol.
just have had some nice rains overnite, nothing bad.

Tiny, and already getting fuzzy. Photo: by John

Omg, how ‘brand new’ can you get?!  Mary, you did it again.  Nice photo, and beautiful little ones.  Thank John for the wonderful photography, and thank you so much for a job very well done!  I’ll just bet you that Mom is chuckling as we go back and forth, all excited and smiling and happy!  Let me know about the 4th egg also, please!  Have fun, and keep sending pictures.

Now, one last egg to go……