After the last few blog posts I really need to write something uplifting, again.  So, I got online with Mary.

Me:  So, what is the latest ‘scoop’…any changes?  Any activity?  Any new pictures?

Mary:  Not yet, but stayed tuned for continuous coverage!

And she sits..... photo by John

Now I know it has only been a few days since Robin Momma planted herself on the nest full time.  She has, after all, 4 eggs to keep warm.  But it still feels as if she glued her butt to the thing and refuses to even try to move!  How is Mary going to know when the eggs hatch if Momma is always there?  I am just kidding….I am very happy that Momma is so dedicated.  Maybe tomorrow?

Message from Mary the very next day:  omg we have 2 babies!!!!! momma got off nest long enough for me to take a peek. stayed tuned!

Yay!  Progress.  And then, the following day….

Me (being very impatient):  Now how many have hatched, and Can You Get Pics without ruffling any feathers? (sorry about that)

Mary:  see only one egg left in nest.  can’t tell how many chicks cause they all curled up in a feathery ball. lol stay tuned for further updates

It is so nice having a “reporter in the field!”  I am thinking the parents will be very close by for a little while, and make it impossible to get any pics just yet.  Maybe John’s telescopic lens and steady hands can help?  I did ask that Mary look for egg shells nearby….

Next message from Mary:  havent found any empty shells yet. looked earlier. going to wait a day or so on pics.  wouldn’t be able to tell chicks from nesting materials. lol lol    7:46 PM

Ok, so here is what we have so far as of this morning:  3 babies, definitely.  Perhaps 4th one really soon.  Next, the job is all Mary’s (with a little help from her hubby)……and Aunt Allie can just sit and wait (sorta like Robin Momma!) for the updates and pictures!   What a life!

Thank you, Mary!  I really needed this right now….a little hope and fun in a rather busy world.