Message from Mary:  our babies are in that nest wiggling around now. still one egg in nest and havent come across any empty shells. john wants to wait till they are a little bigger and then get a pic. told him he has just a 2 week window. lol

I can SO picture what Mary is seeing!  Unfortunately, they are facing another round of terrible weather tonight.  I only hope the tornadoes miss them again, as they did a couple of days ago.

Mary:  hope to catch ya later. most weather right now is in western okla heading into kansas.     6:28 PM

Mary:  momma robin sure seems busy. flying back and forth. earlier there was still one more unhatched egg    9:06 PM

Mary:  the other chicks look soooooooooooo cute with that little fluff of feathers.  They were wiggling around some this afternoon. 10:26 PM
Me:     Do the babies have some feathers already?    10:29 PM
Mary:    just what you would call fluffy stuff                10:29 PM


My Mom passed a couple of years ago.  In her final years she had become very close to Mary….a surrogate mother if you will. I know Mary misses her as much as I do.  When I first got Mary to share the experience of watching the robins, taking pictures, and sending messages to update their progress,  she very quietly shared something with me.  She told me that she  can ‘feel’ my Mom’s presence around her when she is sitting on her porch, and watching the Robin Family work. What a comforting thought.

Maybe Mom had something to do with the protection they received from the  previous deadly storms…?  I would like to think so.  And I would also like to think that she is smiling as she watches the ‘unfolding events’ with Mary…enjoying it every bit as much as we are.  Three ‘fuzzy chicks’, and one last egg….check back with us tomorrow!