I am learning an awful lot lately about oil spills….even though I really did not wish for this opportunity.  I had no idea how badly this particular group that caused the spill in the Gulf had disregarded all the warnings.  Their practices have been high risk for a long time.  The emerging facts are clearly pointing fingers at them for not only the loss of human life, but the coming loss of all the birds and animals living and breeding along the coast.

With a little research, I found a very good map to help me better understand the full scope of the threat we are facing, and it is Huge:

Essential breeding areas, now threatened

As I watched this nightmare unfold, I understood the more obvious of the upcoming events…the ones that would take our birds, marine mammals, and our fish as they tried to use the water.  What I had not even considered, until I went ‘hunting’ for information, is that the coast line has so many areas essential for breeding. With those being made unusable by the oil from the spill, we would end up not only loosing a lot of the mature critters in a way too heartbreaking to imagine, but we would also have to face the  possibility of not having any new ones to replace them!

BP says that they will pay the millions of dollars in fines, and will ‘clean up the mess…no problem.’  I am sure it Is no problem to them, since they probably saved bundles on the shortcuts that ultimately caused this disaster.  So their cavalier “Gee, my bad.” doesn’t do a darned thing for me, or for the innocent wildlife victims of their behavior.