I just checked with Robin Momma’s Guardian Angel (aka: Mary).  Seems Mom is roosting quietly, and leaving the nest  less often.  So apparently,  4 eggs it is!

Mary and I were discussing the coming babies, and guessing how many were boys, and how many were girls.   Then Mary came up with an idea:  “We had better get busy finding names for these chicks!”

Oh, no….  If you give critters names they become ‘family members’, and all kinds of heartaches follow!  Or, you find you cannot ‘part with them’ after they’re grown and want to ‘leave home.’ Not a good thing, Martha!

Story time (an illustration of what happens when you ‘name’ critters):

My grandson and I lived in an old farmhouse for 6 years (the house with the bees in “The Buzzzz” post).  And, we have 2 cats.  Those two loved that house, and spent hours hunting for the occasional mouse or mole that found it’s way into the basement….or anything else they could chase.  When I moved us to an apartment, my cats quickly became bored.  Afraid they may become depressed from the lack of “activity”  (hunting), I came up with a simply “wonderful idea.”…ya..

I took my grandson to the local pet store and purchased 2 feeder mice for the cats to chase. By the time we got them home, my grandson had Named Them!  AND, he made it very clear to the cats that “the mice were HIS mice!”  So, after buying a lovely cage, great food, and toys for “Chicken Poo” and “Rustle” (NOT Russel….Rustle, for the  sound he made ALL NIGHT rearranging his cage and the shredded paper!!!), my grandson finally gave them to a friend.  The two ‘feeder mice’ had become pets….forever.

And so, Dear Heart, if you Do name these robin children are you prepared to  sit and wait to catch whichever chick falls from the nest first?  Or, run with them when they are first learning to fly, just in case they get hurt?  And without a ‘bird egg ultra-sound’, how many are ‘boys’, and how many are ‘girls.’  And, when they leave home, then what?

Oh, what the heck!  I am going to start a list of names!  And, I am going to tell Mary to do the same!  Might as well have as much fun with this as humanly possible, right?