So, Robin Momma seems to be content to just be sitting….maybe with a quick lunch, and a potty break or two…waiting..waiting..waiting…

Quiet, peaceful...waiting photo by John

Look at her!  She doesn’t even change her facial expression!  Whatever is she thinking ?  What is she hiding?  Then, after the photos of the beautiful flowers to bring up my spirits,  I got another e-mail from Mary…..

.....and then, there were 4... photo by Mary

Omg, Mary!  I had no idea robins even Had 4 eggs in one nesting!

Mary:  “She is having herself quite a time  looks like to me!”

I had 4 kids…drove me nuts!  She is going to have her wings and beak full!  And Robin Daddy better not turn out to be one of those “absent parents!”


I really had expected no more ‘robin’ pictures from Mary and John for a while.  Imagined Robin Momma exhausted by the first 3 eggs, and just opting to roost for a bit.

So Mary, think there will be more eggs or pictures in the next couple of days?  Or do you and John think we are done for a while?  At any rate, keep me posted, ok?

Mary:  “Stay tuned for continuous coverage!”  (…says my “Reporter in the Field” !)

Ok, will do!  Laters, Luv!