I have had so much fun with my ‘critter blogs’ that I hesitated to do this one.   The circumstances ‘calling to me’ are so disheartening, however, that  I just had to do it.  Please forgive me for being your “Buzz Kill” today…

I really thought we had learned a few lessons a while back when Alaska was sent into High Gear to save all their wildlife caught up in the Exxon Valdez disaster.  Maybe we have.  I certainly hope so, since we are going to need everything we might have learned from that to deal with our latest assault on the environment.  Our animal and bird and marine life friends NEED US…Quick!

Massive oil spill heads for shore...AP Photo

Another ugly oil spill is threatening every living creature in the Gulf waters.  It looks ominous from ‘above’, now let’s get a better, closer view of what the oil spill is doing to the water….

Ugly, swirling brown waters... AP photo

….or how it looks as it creeps up onto the beautiful Gulf shores…

The sand will never be the same.....AP photo

….or what it looks like to see a flock of  birds ‘debating’ whether or not it is safe to land in their beloved waters…

If they can't land in the water, then what ....AP photo

….or the  threat to it’s life for this poor bird just for deciding that maybe it IS safe to go into the water….

Pray for this creature....AP photo

…and the results of it’s dip into the ocean for this poor creature, while what I can only describe as true  “Angel”s try valiantly to undo what has been done…

And they give it their all...AP photo

May God give our very special and devoted rescue workers strength, and  bless their efforts with success.  And may He/She also Forgive us for the greed that caused all this.