I like the suspense of waiting for pictures of Mary’s robin and her eggs-count.  I don’t mean to be wishing work on Robin Momma, but I am hoping for more than 2 eggs, also!  I was, however, having a little difficulty “seeing” Mary’s yard since I have never been there.  So, I have been having Mary read what I write, and correct the “image” of what the lattice looks like, where it is, and the relationship of that to her kitchen window.

That window is important because her cat, Angel, can sit there (although Mary says Angel knows that she is not SUPPOSED to be up there on the kitchen counter!) and chatter while she watches birds fly all around the back porch…unreachable to her.  Mary says she can actually “hear” Angel  “making plans for when she escapes out the back door!”  Poor Mary.  She has, indeed, taken on a Super Hero position for one Robin Momma and her kids!

Mary and I discussed these visualization glitches last night, and pondered how to fix a few things.  Then, her husband came quietly to the rescue today…..

Mary, ivy covered lattice, back porch, and the infamous Kitchen Window...photo by John

Wow, Mary..beautiful porch you have there!  No wonder Robin Momma took a shine to it!  And thank Hubby for the photo.  It is wonderful.

I love being able to see what Mary sees, and not having to just guess.  It makes me feel more like I am a part of “the happenings.”    It is so much more comfortable and peaceful a setting than I could ever have imagined, no matter how hard I tried.  I would be spending all my Spring and Summer out there if it were mine!

And if clearing that up for me was not enough for Hubby, he even put a circle around where Robin Momma and her nest is!  How thoughtful!  Thank you!


Next glitch:  I asked Mary if she thought she could catch a picture of Robin Momma on the nest.  She said she would try, but was concerned about the flash disturbing Momma. I agreed.  I suggested maybe turning off the flash on her camera.  Well, that may have been an ok idea, but once again Hubby came through in a spectacular way.  One great camera, one powerful lens…. meet Robin Momma…

Quiet, calm, busy Robin Momma....photo by John

Isn’t she beautiful?  Motherhood does that to us!  And nothing disturbs her (probably with a little help…a lot of help…from Mary).  She is content.  And she is now just roosting and waiting.   Then, the work will begin for one sweet Robin Momma….and Robin Dad.

Ok, Mary, first chance you get:  please see how many eggs are now in the nest.  I am SO looking forward to the beautiful photos…..and to the “next installment”  of the Robin Family Saga!