I love Spring.  I adore watching my baby bunnies grow and play just outside my kitchen window.  They make me feel ‘alive.’…even if they do drive my cats nuts!

And meanwhile, in another part of the country, my cousin Mary is  enjoying  her own Spring Time blessing…the  opportunity to be witness to yet another Miracle in the making…and I am just tickled that she is sharing the events with me….

“Allie, I think a robin is starting a nest in my ivy!  Wouldn’t that be neat?”

Robins' new home ..... photo by Mary

“I first noticed all these twigs, grass clippings and stuff near my back step.  Then I noticed a robin spending a lot of time in the ivy on my lattice.  It looked suspiciously like she was building a nest right in the twists and turns of the ivy vine. No wonder she has been hanging around out there!  She doesn’t  seem to be too frightened by me or my husband, or even by our dogs, Taz and Trix.  We can come and go, and it doesn’t seem to ruffle her feathers one bit.   Maybe we are going to be able to watch a new family come into the world!  I can see most of the comings and goings from my kitchen window…it is only about 6′ away.  This could be interesting , and fun.”

Mary, get some pictures!


“Allie, I went out to check on our hard working ‘visitor’ this morning.  She has been missing for a few days, and I was just beginning to wonder if she was going to come back and actually use the nest that she built.  Well, guess what!”

"Potential" Baby Robin #1 .... photo by Mary

“This is amazing!  I am sending these pictures to you so you can share  this with me, ok?  With any kind of ‘luck’, there will be more than just one egg!”


” The  robin doesn’t seem to be on her nest, much.  I worry about her.  I just hope a critter hasn’t gotten to her.  She has a baby to raise!  I’m going out to check on her egg.”

“Well, this is just too cool!  Again, guess what!”

Two! photo by Mary

“So, Robin Momma, while you still seem to be ‘in the mood’, how about 3 eggs?”


Mary, just please keep the photos and updates coming!