Had an interesting conversation about 2 weeks or so ago.  When all was said and done, I got one of the biggest surprises of my life.  What I thought was “Me teaching some one else.” turned out to be a major lesson for me….of course.

Seems one of my relatives was driving in unfamiliar territory and ran a red light.  Just as he entered the intersection he saw it:  another car.  He slammed on the brakes, and pulled as far to the right as he could in an attempt to avoid a collision.  Not hard enough, and not far enough to the right.  He hit the other vehicle in the passenger rear door.

He got out, check the other driver, and the police were called.  He got a ticket.  The two drivers exchanged insurance information, then went on their way.  He thought that would be the end of his involvement in the whole sorry affair.  Then, he called me.

After I listened to the story, I asked him what the next step was.  He said that since the other driver  (a senior citizen) did not have full coverage, and he had gotten a ticket for his carelessness, he would have to pay her $500.00. ” That is all that the law requires.  If the other driver had had full coverage, she would have gotten her car fixed.  Now, she is stuck with a damaged vehicle.  She should have known better.”  The $500.00 would be no where near enough to get it fixed.

I sat and listened, totally stunned.  This poor woman was not at fault in any way, and this relative of mine was sounding like he was just going to blow the whole thing off! He was counting himself lucky to have to be stuck with just $500.00.  And the excuses he was coming up with to make himself feel better were amazing:   “She should have tried harder to avoid me!”  “The intersection is a bad one…hard to see around the corner if other cars are there.”  “She should have had full coverage.”  “She had two grown kids in the car with her…they should be able to repair the damage.”  Strangely, as he went on and on defending himself  he became angrier and angrier.

That last shot about the kids, however, did it for me….my mouth opened, my patience went on temporary leave, and I laid into him.  I really didn’t care how angry or self righteous he had become.  I was ready for him.  “I raised 3 sons by myself.  What They know about repairing cars they learned from me.  How damned much do you think they know, and how damned much do YOU Think they SHOULD know?!”  “I understand your ‘legal obligations’, but what about your Moral Obligations?  What are you going to do to make things right with this woman?  Why should she pay for your carelessness?”

We went back and forth for a little while, then I told him to make up his own mind.  He should do whatever he needed to do to allow him to sleep at night. We hung up.  I was disappointed in him.  And I was also, for some reason, disappointed in myself.  I let it stew in my brain and in my soul, then I knew:  “Who appointed Me in charge of anyone else’s Morals?   We each have our own ideas and values according to where we are in our progression, and no one can know this but us.”

I called this relative the next afternoon and apologized.  I told him to make up his own mind about what he thought he should do, and I would keep my mouth shut.  That is when he told me …  he had called the woman.  He offered to fix her car for her instead of giving her a check that would not fix things.  Wow!

For the past week this relative has driven across the state and purchased a door for the woman’s car.  He took the door to her to show her so she would know he meant business…and had a lovely conversation with a very grateful woman.  He has arranged to have it put on….after paying to have it painted so it would match her car.  And I am so happy he is doing this!

We talked about all this today, and I told him how impressed I was with his kindness.  He said it was all because he took the time to think about everything and decided to follow his Higher Self!  Again:  Wow!  This guy will definitely sleep well for a long time!


On top of everything else, today is one of those days when I have really been missing my Mom.  I could feel her Spirit around me all day. And after talking to my sister I realized  Mom had been making her rounds to all of us!  I would be willing to bet she has been watching everything and everyone.  And I am sure she is making her presence known because she is very proud of everything she has seen lately.  I can almost hear her whispering encouragement to us. And I can hear her pulling for us to make good decisions and to learn our lessons well.  So, to my Mom I say:   “We Are listening,  Mom!  We Are listening.”