My grandson and I lived in an old farm house for 6 years.  Being on the edges of town, and surrounded by fields, we were entertained by an outstanding variety of wildlife.  There were  hawks, owls, ground hogs, raccoons, rabbits, deer…and much more.  We never knew what we would experience next…which is why we stayed as long as we did.  It was a never-ending display of what a small section of this universe has to offer.  And, about 4 years ago we were given the opportunity to learn about honey bees.

We were never much aware of bees…just avoided the stings when we were out exploring.  Then, for some reason, a swarm of them gathered near the back, upstairs wall.  And, they did NOT leave.  Apparently they felt as if they had found themselves a  Home, and had no intention of leaving.  There were a lot of them, though, and they began getting into some of the very old cracks and poorly sealed windows.  We weren’t too worried yet, since we did not use the upper floor…except for storage.  So, we just let them be.

The following summer the swarm was still there…and had gotten way too big.  They had found their way into the room where that wall was, and were getting loud and a little scary.  So I told the owner of the house maybe it was time to fix the problem before it got any bigger.  I suggested that perhaps he could get a bee keeper to get them out of there.  By now you could smell the honey, but as wonderful as it was I knew they had to find another place to live.

His ‘cure’ was to Call An Exterminator!  Oh, No You Don’t!  I begged him to give me a couple of weeks to take care of it myself.  I then went to a local bee keeper. He lived about a mile away, and when I told him what had happened he laughed and said, “So That is where my bees went!”  Seems one of his swarms had left home.

This is when I learned of the dying-off of a lot of our honey bees.  He, himself,  had lost quite a few before this swarm left.  He was more than willing to come get his fuzzy friends, and a little relieved that they were still alive.  He could not, however, retrieve the queen, so the rest would follow, without knocking a hole in the wall of  the house.  So What?!  It was old, and falling apart anyway.  We need our bees!  The owner of the farm house should KNOW that…he is a farmer, for crying out loud!

Well, I got the owner to put the extermination on “hold” for a while, but there would be No Knocking Any Holes In The Walls.  The bees would just have to leave on their own, or be killed.  Well, they were safe for the time being, at least.  They would get one more summer.  I prayed all season that our ‘guests’ would just get up and leave.  Then, my grandson and I moved to another location and I never heard the rest of that sad story.  I am just hoping they made it.

Not a lot of people seem to realize the importance of NOT DESTROYING  one of natures most perfect helpers.  I have felt for some time that we need to be made more aware of this impending crisis.  Then today it happened, again.   Another story about Honey Bees in the news. Thank goodness the word is finally getting loud voices behind it. Our little friends are still dying off in huge numbersas they have been  for a while, now.  I really don’t think people understand how devastating this could be if not stopped…and soon. People, are you not at all concerned?  Why Not?!  Honey bees are not only a really efficient source of honey, they are directly responsible for the pollination of a lot of our food source.  Without them we would not have…NOT HAVE…a lot of the  fruits and vegetables we so take for granted.

I can hear you!  You are thinking that ‘someone’ will invent ‘something’ to do the pollinating so necessary to our very survival on this planet. Perhaps you are thinking that we don’t really need bees what with ‘all our technology and stuff.’  Well, just stop your “It’s not My problem.”  thinking….you are giving me a royal headache!  No one is going to save us….but US!  Protect your very future on this planet!  Push for the answers before it is too late.