I got a new computer, you see.  I love it!  I have never had a new computer…just ones other people had used, then up-graded and gave me their old model.  I really do appreciate all those kindnesses, but I am in love with my first new machine!

I have spent a few days getting used to all the perks and bells and whistles that came with this PC.  I have re-loaded my scanner into her hard drive.  I loaded a web cam.  I down loaded a program to ‘talk’ face to face on the web.  And, I have played solitaire.  I changed my desk top pic.  I grabbed pics of my grand babies from the web and put them in MY PC.  And, I up-dated some of the programs I had been using in my ‘old computer.’* I even got to see my brand new grand daughter!

My former PC (*) was at least 436 years old!  Well, it felt that way when my security system had to do a routine scan for viruses.  That fiasco took 2 hours sometimes!  I couldn’t run any programs while that was going on.  Very frustrating.  And worse of all, my poor old PC  had started Moaning when I turned it on.  This is not a pleasant sound when my favorite time to be on-line is late at night and it is dark…darned scary!  So, I got a new computer…and I love it!

One of the improvements I felt ‘inspired’ to make was to the looks of my blog page.  Makes me feel more alive than the old one.  Good move, Allie!  And, I up-graded my setting on my e-mail carrier.  This is where my little surprise manifested.  On the bottom of my ‘chat’ window, it usually says “……..is typing..” to let me know to expect a message.   Maybe that is what you see on yours, but not on mine lately!

It all started while I was IM ing my cousin…I will call her Linda.  At first, I would send her a message.   Then, when she began typing it said:  “Linda is typing…”  and soon a message would pop up.  A few times later, while I was waiting for her to write back, I looked and saw (I swear this is true!!!) “Get yourself ready for a really great message from Linda…”.  Ok…what!?  The next time it was  “Linda is typing…”.  And the next.  But THEN, it came up “1000 monkeys have descended upon Linda’s keyboard…”  What??? Next time “Linda is typing…” , and the next, then I got “Linda should learn to type with more than two fingers…”

I told my cousin about what I had been seeing.  She, however, saw nothing unusual when I wrote to her.  It was always just “Allie is typing…”.  Then I got “Brace yourself…Linda is sending you some wonderful information…”.  Then “Linda is now typing AND chewing gum…”.  And that is when my cousin finally, very patiently, told me that no one she knew had ever gotten messages like these… ONLY I WAS GETTING THEM.  Oh, oh…

Now I know this PC is so much fun that I am on it a lot…probably ‘way too much.  But enough to cause hallucinations?  I would Prefer to think some very sharp-witted geeks are having a ball writing those messages.  I would Rather think they are done strictly for entertainment purposes, to be appreciated by fellow quick-thinking  ‘geek wanna be’s ‘ like me.  I would Love to think other people have gotten these messages. I Need to think I am not really loosing it!