According to the Talmud, “If you save one life, you save the world.” What an interesting thought.  Just let it sink in for a bit, and watch as the ‘picture’ keeps expanding.  Of course that must be true!  The life saved goes on to impact his/her own personal surroundings, but that impact continues like the ripples of water from a pebble tossed into it.  With enough contemplation you can ‘see’ those waves eventually touching everyone in the entire world  in some way or another.

Now, let me ask you:  “Have you ever saved anyone’s life?”  It is easy to see how health care professionals could make that claim.  Or fire fighters.  Or soldiers.  Or life guards. Or any number of folks in the business of saving lives.  But if you are the average person, have you ever been given the opportunity to save a life?

Personally, I can think of a lot of times I could make that claim…but then I am a Rescuer.  I never thought about what impact I was making.  I just did what was called for.  Now I am thinking about it a lot differently since I heard the Save A Life statement.  Some of the events I recalled are “no doubt saved that life” instances.  But then I let the Thought grow and I realized that there are many times I may have saved a life…and never knew it!  And So Have You!

How can that be, you ask?  How about the time you flashed a smile at someone, and caught their eyes lighting up as they smiled back at you?  Did you just change someone’s plans for ending their life?  All they needed was to have someone ‘reach out to them’ with a smile.  Or did you Listen when someone just needed to talk?   Or you simply made it a point to love the world?  Did that energy change someone’s life?  Did you treat that cashier kindly?  Did you allow someone to go in line before you?  Did you reach up for something high for someone in a scooter?

Any one of these kindnesses may have been all someone needed to feel like they could make it at least one more day.  So again, have you ever saved anyone’s life?  I would be willing to bet you have.  And, since we are all connected,  if one of us is saved, wouldn’t the whole world feel it?  If you are saving one person, connected to all others, aren’t you saving all others? Aren’t you saving the world?