When I got myself moving this morning I realized that I was feeling a bit ‘lonely.’ It took a few minutes to identify where this came from.  Since my kids are all grown and long gone living their own lives, I should be used to being alone, right?  I like my own company well enough.  So what was going on?

Then the answer crept in…I was feeling “lonely”, which is a far cry from feeling “alone.”  Alone I can not only handle, I relish every part of it.  I gives me time to practice Creating my World.  It gives me time to re-establish my Real Self.  I can read books.  I can write in my blog.  I can do whatever I like.  So why am I feeling “lonely.?”

I miss my kids, who are living all over the country, but we do keep in contact.  Not that.  I have friends.  Not that.  I get out of the house every day and interact with people.  Not that.  So it had to be deeper…much deeper.  Then, it hit me…I was lonely for my Old Self, and all the “entities” I had relied upon to run my world for me!

Oh, oh…do these entities fit in with my new life, and what I am trying to accomplish?  Do they actually exist?  Do they really help me when I am desperate, like I have thought they did all my life?  Are there really Angels?  Do we really have a Mother in Heaven?  Do I really have a Spirit Guide?  If the ‘messages’ I “heard” when I so needed them, that I had attributed to my ‘assistants’ on the other side of the veil, really came from my Higher/Real Self, then I don’t like the implications.  That would mean that I am totally Alone, and On My Own…and for me that is truly a very Lonely Feeling.

I have always had a bad feeling about being lonely.  Don’t like that at all.  So, I had to put this whole thing back together.  Alone vs Lonely.  Where are my “Friends?”  Just washed a growing pile of dishes…it helps me to release my mind to hear what I need to hear.  And I did.  Thank God!

Yes, we Do have a Mother and Father in Heaven.  What they look like is hidden from us while we are here for good reasons, but they Do exist.  And, there are entities called Angels.  And we do have help.  And our Friends on the other side of the veil can interfere when invited.

But we are here to learn to be our Real Selves.  We are Creators.  We are more powerful that the average person knows.  We can do anything.  And we must learn that.  But, we are Not Alone…ever.  We are totally connected with everyone here in this realm, and all the other realms and worlds in the Universe.  And their guidance and encouragement and love is there for us always.  But they never have “run my world for me.”  I did.  Not always well, but I am learning.