So, ‘life hit.’

Yesterday I had to go to the grocery store, despite the fact that it was spitting snow/rain, and we had one heck of a cold wind coming down from the North.  My grandson did his shopping (I am his temporary transportation), and I did mine.  When I got back to the car I “heard” check your tires.  THIS time I was listening!  Sure enough, I had a flat.

My former reaction would have been “Oh, crap!  Now what!?”  Or, “Why me?  What did I do wrong this time?”  But I feel different since I began my Create Your Day routine.  I simply opened the trunk and started removing the junk hiding my spare.  When my grandson came out he went right to work, and even though he got thoroughly wet in the slush puddles he persisted.  He did a good job getting past most of the rusty lugs.

Then out of no where a truck pulled up.  A man got out, opened the back of his vehicle, pulled out a jack handle and walked up to us.  With a very cheerful smile he went to work helping my grandson.  He said he had seen what was going on, and just decided he wanted to help!   He was very pleasant, and seemed happy to be of assistance.  When we were finished, I shook his hand and thanked him.  His reaction:  “Pay it forward, ok?”

Holy cow!  I do this kind of thing all the time, and now I was finding myself  Allowing it in my own life!  And best of all, I am so glad to know that there are more people ‘out there’ who feel the same way about Paying it Forward.

I was thinking about this tonight and I realized it was an almost perfect example of how my life has been more peaceful, even in nasty weather, these past few days.  This was the kind of day I had pictured in the morning as I was Creating my Day. Not the flat tire…the surprise help and happy conversation with a complete stranger!  I will Pay this Forward with love and gratitude and happiness.