In my last blog entry I wrote about how good it felt to have my Self back.  That Self is NOT the one who’s been at the helm of my ship for the past 40+ years.  The last time I was that self, my Real Self, was back in 1974.  It was a great few weeks!  I look at that short span of time as ‘a taste of things to come.’

During that period I felt strong, intelligent, and quite capable.  I was a single parent of 2 children, and happy.  And, my “intuition” seemed to be working overtime.  Then life hit me right between the eyes, and I reverted back to the person that was ‘familiar’ to me.  It was the one who didn’t trust intuition, or prayer for that matter.  I was on my own, and not very happy.  It was the Happy person who felt like the Universe was on her side, and that person is the Self that I have missed for these past many years.

If I had known 40 years ago what I know now, my life probably would have not been anything like it has been.  I wouldn’t change anything that has happened…I learned so much.  But I am glad that I am on a different path, now.  And I am doing so because of the education I have received from people, books, experiences, and that ‘thing’ I called intuition.  That ‘thing’, I have come to know, is my Real Self communicating with me.  In fact, I now realize that everything amazing and wonderful that has happened in my life has been orchestrated by my Higher Self…my Real Self.  And that Self is Me.

This is the Self I finally felt again after a couple of days of the morning Routine I wrote about.  Getting that Self back into focus is quite a job at times.  However, as I “keep on keeping on”  it gets easier.  And that Self is finally becoming familiar, again.  And THIS time that Real Self will NOT be abandoned by me when ‘life hits..”.