That description you wrote about the You you want to Create…did you find it a fairly decent working model?  Did you remember to include Health, Wealth, and Happiness?  Peace, Power, and Prosperity?  Any special parts like getting rid of an addiction, or attaining a healthy body?  Are you ready to Dive In, and begin Creating Your Life?

Get a picture in your mind of You being totally blessed to have all the parts of your New You ready and waiting for you to claim them. This is the part that most people find hard to believe…but they are, indeed, waiting just for you!  Think about this You when you go to bed.  When you wake up in the morning, before you even get out of bed, bring that You to your mind.  Feel the Role. This is You.  Then, Create Your Day.  Tell God, the Universe, the Powers that be, how you want your day to play out.  YOU are running your ship, now.  Have it your way!

This New You is actually who you Really Are.  It has probably just gotten buried by life and “stuff.”  Keep this picture of who you Really are in your mind as you go about your day.  Expect to receive the Rewards, and experience the  different events, that more closely match this New (Real) You.  Then, tonight, repeat the routine.  And, in the morning, before you get up, put on this New (Real) You, State how you want your day to go, then keep this in mind as you go about your business.  Next night, and next morning…same thing.

All of  your efforts  are actually changing your Brain.  In a very few days  you will be Feeling these changes in your Body and Soul.  You are Creating Your World, and your New(Real) You.  Every moment that you practice brings you closer to your Goal.  And it can happen extremely quickly….if you so Choose.  You are the Creator.