Well, that was indeed one of the longest arguments I have had with myself in quite a while!  I pretty much understand the concept of changing my own memories (Persistent Thoughts).  I have tested this thoroughly and have found it to be achievable.  I have felt the actual physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual changes that came as a result.  BUT…My argument is “Am I just kidding myself?  Or, am I really ‘changing my past?'”  What, exactly, does Changing the Past mean?

If this is really possible, what about such horrors as the Holocaust, or our own 911 disaster?  Why not just Change the Past, if that is truly an option, and make all the bad stuff go away…like it never happened?  And another painful point I struggled with:  What about parents who lost a child?  How can you Change that?!  I am absolutely certain that these grieving parents Prayed forever for this to be a possibility, and are still praying every day of their lives.

Maybe my own idea of what it means to Change the Past is skewed?  Maybe it all lies in what our perception of the Past has always been. Remember my major hint:  Linear time does not really exist…it is a human invention.  All time exists at once.  If something is bothering you “right now”, you can (and usually do) change it.  So, if all time exists right now,  why can’t you change it no matter what you call it?


I am sure you can see how tangled I became in all this.  I have a tendency to get over-whelmed with the big picture, and forget the track I am Supposed to be on.  I came away with a headache, and a gnawing feeling that there was some sort of glitch in my thinking.  And it only took me 2 days of stewing to finally figure out my problem:  Changing the Past is an individual pursuit.

It is possible to change History, but to change it in a huge way would take a World of people who understand time and are willing to all make the same changes in their thinking in sync.  There could be absolutely no one hanging onto the old thoughts. A concerted effort by everyone would be necessary.

Also, when desiring a change that involves anyone else, you would need to know what their ‘plans’ were when they came here.  Maybe this individual came here, only to leave early, for a very special reason.  It hurts sometimes to be here when someone we love has already gone Home.  But without being God do you know if they accomplished what they came for and actually ‘left on time?’  Who could truly wish a child back that had passed all his earthly lessons for this particular life time and went Home to get ready for his next assignment?


I decided to take another look at my Persistent Thoughts (they exist only because I think them!).  There were some that I re-assigned to their rightful owners…no longer mine.  There were some I found the humor in, which changed them from painful to funny.  And some that no longer hurt, but I am allowing for the lessons gained…I would not be who I am without them.   I don’t know for sure what changes occurred, but I do know that I am healthier.  And more at peace.  Maybe changing the painful ones to funny ones helped?

I do not wish to change anything else about my Persistent Thoughts just now…it may mess up what I have already accomplished!  And for the same reason I suggest that we should all think long and hard about changing even the most horrendous events in History.  ” Why did they happen?” is the big question.  I can guarantee you this:  The people involved KNEW about their life and what it would entail before they came to this realm.  They ‘signed on’ for whatever it was…for whatever it would do for Their Progression.  Knowing that, would you even presume to know better and change anything?  I doubt it.

That does not mean that you shouldn’t go into your own Files, find a Persistent Thought that you don’t like, and Change it.  Give it ‘back.’  Find the humor.  Throw it out.  Make a brand new one.  You are in charge of your Thoughts, your thoughts are not in charge of you.  As you take control of your Thoughts, you find that you can design your own world…just the way you want it! The Time, the ONLY Time, is now!  This is what you came here for.  You are the Creator of your own world.  Make it one of Love.