Allow yourself some time to think about this:  There is no such thing as linear time.  It is a Human invention.  “Past” and “Now” and “Future” all exist at once…there is really only NOW.

Once you have chewed on this for a while, I will be back to elaborate.


Before we begin trying to alter what we have learned to call our Past, I am going to re-tell a story that I wrote about in one of my earlier blog entries.  It is one of the most distinct events in my life as far as changing my thinking about time…and memories (better known as Persistent Thoughts).

When my kids were young we had a pair of kittens named Bennie and Clyde.  They were always together, and usually in some kind of mischief.  One day they were tearing up in the family room when a lamp on an end table fell over.  I am not even sure they had anything to do with that, but THEY thought they did!  They took off running through the the house as if the Hounds of Hell were after them!  Through the kitchen, around the corner and through the dining room, through the living room, around still another corner and up the stairs….in complete tandem all the way!  It was one of the funniest things we had seen them do, and we all just watched the action and laughed!

A few years later a couple of my sons and I were remembering that  run through the house by our two terrified kittens…and then a very strange thing happened.  We compared notes, and even though we all saw the same thing, our memories (Persistent Thoughts) were very different!  We even got a bit miffed at each other for not remembering the “same!”  So, who’s memory (Persistent Thought) is the ‘correct’ one?

Memories (Persistent Thoughts) are unique, different for each of us according to who we are and how we feel.   The joy of the silly kittens running mostly for the sheer fun of it affected each of us…either we got a little happier, or just laughed a little and blew it off, or were concerned in some way for their safety.  Whatever we absorbed from witnessing this incident changed each of us a little.  It is a Part of who we are NOW.

If one of our memories (Persistent Thoughts) helps to make us who we are “Now”, and we Alter that memory(Persistent Thought) in some way,  for whatever our reason, wouldn’t that change…even if only slightly…who we Are?  Our memory(Persistent Thought) is  different now, so We would have to be also, right?

So, how can you possibly change a memory(Persistent Thought)?  How about discussing an event, for instance, that was witnessed by another person…such as the kittens’ wild run?  And what if that person convinces you that you did not see it correctly, and you decide to change your perception of the whole scene to fit your new thoughts?  And, you believe this new perception to be true?  You now have created a new version of your memory(Persistent Thought).  Since you have changed your old memory(Persistent Thought), which was a part of your make-up, you now have changed that makeup…therefore, you have changed your YOU, at least a touch.

If you follow that idea you will begin to realize that you can go into your private archives at any time,  choose a memory (Persistent Thought), and deliberately change it.  I talked about that in my earlier blog entries as I was processing my own pile of  memories (Persistent Thoughts).  Sometimes  I had to simply changed my attitude, and therefore that particular memory (Persistent Thought).  Or  sometimes  I needed to clarify the situation and the other persons involved and see it with the strength of acquired wisdom…the ‘real story’, if you will.  Then the memory (Persistent Thought) and the emotion attached to it, changed accordingly.

I was learning how to deliberately change what I had always accepted as just permanent parts of my life.   I did so with anticipation of  the  relief and happiness these changes promised.  I WANTED my life to be as filled with joy as possible, so I eliminated anything that wasn’t in tuned with that desire.  Best of all, as I changed the thoughts I had had about my life, and replaced them with only the good memories (Persistent Thoughts), I actually felt myself getting happier and more peaceful every day.  A real physical, mental, and spiritual change was occurring.  I was becoming a different person.

Whatever memories ( Persistent Thoughts) had been causing me pain or sorrow in my NOW I changed or removed from my mind.  They are now altered, or gone completely.  They no longer exist in the way that they did, and in some cases not at all.  And, the only ‘time’ you can do these things is NOW.  The rest of linear time is an illusion…a product of our thoughts.  Our sometimes annoying, but ever changeable Persistent Thoughts.