My earlier blogs were dealing with getting my memories in order, eliminating the ones that were not mine,  and choosing the ones I WANTED to have as part of myself.  It was sometimes a very painful process.  Sometimes it was a lot of fun.  It was, however, a necessary ordeal.  The whole purpose was in preparation for me learning how to actually CHANGE THE PAST…using my own life as a teaching tool.

After I finished with the first part of this ‘lesson’, I needed to take a break and let the changes in my brain take effect.  And, I needed to understand what I was being taught.  And why.  And, I wanted to make absolutely sure I got everything correct, as it went against everything I had ‘known’ up until now.  “Change the past?  Ridiculous!  The Past is the Past….carved, as you will, in STONE.  It cannot, in any way, be Changed.”  Well, guess  what?  It can.

I promised in my earlier blog entries to explain all this, but I needed to get it really ‘down’ so I would be able to put it in terms that anyone can understand.  And so, later tonight, I will attempt to do just exactly that…with help from the “source” of my lessons.